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Examples of various covers from Mauritius as PDF documents, further examples welcome, please email

1935 Silver Jubilee covers               updated 3-Sept-2012, 1072kb
1937 Corronation covers                  updated 18-Sept-2013, 9577kb
1946 Victory covers                          updated 19-Sept-2013,   821kb
1948 Royal Silver Wedding covers updated 27-Sept-2013, 1159kb
1948 Stamp Centenary covers        updated 27-Sept-2013, 3042kb
1949 UPU covers                              updated 19-Sept-2013,   1740kb
1950 definitives covers                     updated 3-Oct-2013, 1082kb
1953 Corronation covers                  updated 3-Sept-2012, 1029kb
1953 definitives covers                     updated 3-Oct-2013, 1393kb